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Struga Hotels

There are several hotels in Struga. Your decision of accommodation for your stay in Struga should be formed by your personal travel spending plan, but also by your own needs

The practical experience of making the most of Lake Ohrid, fine |meals and service while encircled by the miracles of the Lake Ohrid makes Struga the ultimate vacation spot.

Regardless if you’re looking to rough it or chill out in style, Struga can accommodate for every preference, finances and personal desire.

Drim (5 stars)
Hotel Drim is situated at the place where the Black Drim river streams out of the Lake Ohrid, approximately 300 meters from the town’s centre. The hotel has a total capacity of 420 beds and 205 double bedrooms. Every of the rooms is supplied with a TV set, a telephone, a bathroom and a balcony. The hotel features 3 restaurants, a night club, a casino, a bowling room, an indoor and an outdoor swiming pools, a conference room (250 seats), 2 tennis courts, and a private beach on the Ohrid Lake.

Belgrade (4 stars)
Hotel Belgrade offers 45 single and double bedrooms. It could provide accommodations up to 110 individuals. It has a domestic restaurant, a cafe-bar, and a mini casino.

Biser (5 stars)
Hotel Biser has a capability of 230 beds in single and double bedrooms. It features 8 studio apartment suits, a restaurant with a capacity of 650 people, a disco, a piano bar, a private beach, and football, volleyball and basketball courts.

Izgrev (4 stars)
Hotel Izgrev has a capacity of 566 beds. It features a restaurant, a souvenir workshop and its own private beach. Hotel has 9 floors.

Makpetrol (4 stars)
Hotel Makpetrol has a capacity of 150 beds. It has a restaurant in the hotel that features a brilliant view over the lake. The hotel has a private beach and an outdoor swimming pool. There are tennis, basketball, volleyball, and football courts within the hotel.

Eurohotel (4 stars)
Hotel Eurohotel is located 3 kilometers east from Struga along the lake shoreline near the settlement of Ezerski Lozja.

Galeb (4 stars)
Hotel Galeb is located on the shore of the lake. It has a capacity of 178 beds, 130 of which are in suites. It features a restaurant, a coffee bar, a TV lounge and a patio facing the beach.

Plaza (4 stars)
Hotel Plaza is located in the centre of the town near the Ohrid Lake. It offers 15 rooms, 5 suites, a restaurant, a snack bar and a TV room.

May Flower
This youth hostel has a capacity of 520 beds. It is mainly attended by youngsters who spend their holiday in organized groups in Struga.

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