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20 background details you definitely missed on 'The Office' -

20 background details you definitely missed on ‘The Office’


Even the biggest superfans of The Office have yet to discover all the delightful Easter eggs hiding in plain sight in the workplace comedy. Trust me — I consider myself a foremost expert on all things The Office — but every week I’m still learning intricate new details about the show.

Since Jenna Fischer and Angela Kinsey (BFFs and former Office co-stars) launched their Office Ladies podcast in October 2019, they’ve shared countless behind-the-scenes stories, filming memories, and revelations from the show.

If you’re an avid Office Ladies listener, you’re well aware that Fischer and Kinsey love spotting and unpacking background details. But if you’re not an avid listener of the podcast, don’t worry. I’m keeping track of all the best details and background observations that fans might have overlooked. …

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