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Mark Zuckerberg's first Reel is fine. It's just fine. -

Mark Zuckerberg’s first Reel is fine. It’s just fine.


When in doubt, feature a dog.

Mark Zuckerberg posted his first Reel Wednesday, and well, it’s fine.

Reels are Facebook-owned Instagram’s answer to TikTok: Looping, easily editable, maximum 15 second videos featuring a wide catalogue of music and visual overlays. Instagram users post Reels to their feed (not their Stories), and popular Reels will get surfaced in Instagram’s Explore tab.

Reels launches as TikTok continues to navigate the uncertain waters of a potential ‘ban’ by President Trump due to supposed national security concerns about the app’s Chinese ownerships.

The new content format made its Instagram debut Wednesday, and Zuckerberg posted his first Reel the same day. …

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