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Need help relaxing? The Calmind Mental Fitness app is on sale. -

Need help relaxing? The Calmind Mental Fitness app is on sale.


TL;DR: Stay calm and collected with a lifetime subscription to the Calmind Mental Fitness app for $69.99, an 89% savings as of Aug. 10.

Been feeling all the feels? Welcome to the hell hole that is 2020.

After speaking to therapists virtually — which has been on the rise even prior to the coronavirus pandemic — there are many other things you can do to help improve your mental health.

If yoga and meditation aren’t your style, the Calmind Mental Fitness app might be. And even if yoga and meditation are totally your style, it’s still worth checking out.

Calmind describes itself as a digital therapy software that “will improve your quality of life.” From sleep (or lack thereof) to stress, the app is designed to provide users with a multifunctional approach to self-care. The technology encompasses neuroscience, psychoacoustics, positive CBT, and more to help you cut out the noise and distractions around you to help you focus. …

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