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Netflix's 'Work It' is the sleek, funny dance movie we deserve -

Netflix’s ‘Work It’ is the sleek, funny dance movie we deserve


The dance movie is an art form unto itself.

There are the masterpieces, the Step Ups of the world; the off-brand sequels and knockoffs like Feel the Beat; and the hours you wish you could get back (looking at you, High Strung Free Dance). But Netflix’s Work It, directed by Laura Terruso and written by Alison Peck, puts forth the best of the genre, packaged with a cute teen rom com and a killer cast.

Work It stars Sabrina Carpenter as Quinn Ackerman, an ambitious high school student who decides to start a dance team to help herself get into Duke. She teams up with bestie Jas (Liza Koshy) and they honor the humble movie tradition of assembling a perfect band of misfits to win the Work It! competition, with the guidance of choreographer Jake Taylor (Jordan Fisher). …

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