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'On the Trail' is an incomplete portrait of what it's like to be a female political journalist -

‘On the Trail’ is an incomplete portrait of what it’s like to be a female political journalist


2020 has been anything but normal. There have been long-overdue protests against police brutality forming in thousands of cities, a dangerous pandemic that keeps spreading across the globe, and an election cycle that continues to polarize the nation. What happens when all of these things converge? HBO Max’s newest documentary aims to find out, but it only shows part of the story.

On the Trail: Inside the 2020 Primaries is not about the presidential candidates who are out campaigning. Rather, it follows the various female journalists who cover the campaigns for CNN. While it spends ample time on seasoned anchors like Kyung Lah and Dana Bash, it also focusses on the chaotic lives of young embeds like Jasmine Wright and Daniella Diaz, who are required to follow their assigned candidates at all times. …

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