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The city of Struga is located in the South-western part of Macedonia, 15 minutes away driving from the Albanian/Macedonian border and 2 and a half hours away from the Albanian coastline Riviera.

The city of Struga itself is located at the southernmost edge of the Struga valley, which is surrounded from West by the Jablanitsa mountain, East by the Mokra mountain, North by the Karaorman mountain and from South by the everlasting Lake Ohrid. The mountains are full of natural beauties, dense oak, beech and pine woodlands, clear springs and watercourses, glacier lakes, stunning picturesque villages and a excessive number of historical monuments.
Lying on the northernmost tip of the lake Ohrid, the city of Struga is divided in two splits by the river Black Drim (Lumi Drin), which flows out of the lake straight through the centre of Struga. Being located at the same time by a lake and a river gives Struga a unique appeal and prettiness.
Spread among ancient bright beauties permeating rich nature and numerous archaeological sites, Struga bears. A town with plenteous and precious cultural heritage which goes back to the Illyrian times when this city was called En-Halon, Struga immerses in warm sunrays 240 days a year owing to its moderate Mediterranean climate.
Currently, Struga is a municipality of 34,509 out of which 18,000 people live in the town itself, the majority of whom are ethnic Albanians. Stretching over a 100 square meter area widespread in truly good geographic, historical, cultural and other natural resources, Struga sees tourism as its priority for regional development nonetheless it does not lag in the development of textile industry, agriculture. The municipality is involved in development and improvement of agriculture, small and middle-size companies, usage of forestry and protection of the Lake Ohrid which is enlisted as UNESCO protected site.


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